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Adjustment Consultant services 3D inspection

3D inspection

In the field of 3D measurement technique, we cooperate with the Topmes v.o.s. company since 2002. The company acts as sales representative of the Metris company at the position "Senior Training and Application Engineer". We are specialized in measurements with the LK series machines equipped with the CAMIO 6.1 software, including all the previous versions based on the DMIS standard platform.  In the field of contactless measurements, we are trained for installation and operation of the Metrix analogue and digital laser scanners, including Focus software applications.
We were trained to work with the CAMIO a FOCUS software in the parent company in England and Belgium.

In this area we offer following services:

  • measuring machine operator training
  • basic training of CAMIO and FOCUS software for the CMMs
  • measurement machine programming advanced training
  • custom development of measuring part programs
  • custom measurements of workpieces

If you are interested in above mentioned services, please contact us or the company Topmes, info@topmes.cz


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